Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

March 14, 2011


Volcán Momotombo - Leon, Nicaragua.
It is 1297 meters high and 4500 years old.

Last night I saw the Volcano in Leon! We visited a family about the furthest you can walk in the Cañon (canyon) and they live on top of the valley. It is pretty big, but I’m not sure if I saw any smoke coming out.

Is it already leprechaun time? I don’t have a green tie.

My compañero’s full name is Gustavo David Valenzuela Martinez. He has a great story he tells to people who try to make the excuse that they can´t come to church because they have to stay home to watch the house because it’s not secure.

He tells them at his house, when they go to church, if they even want to lock the front door they have to lock it from the inside by putting the dresser in front of it. And then they leave out the back door that they can´t lock anyway. And he lives in a fairly dangerous part of San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Ha ha that takes away a few excuses from some people. He also worked in a hotel there before coming to the mission. And he would always get back from working Saturday at 2 in the morning Sunday.

He tells people it took a lot to get up and get to church every Sunday early before 9 with his Mom and Brother who are members. But he bears his testimony about the blessings of going to Church and sanctifying the Sabbath Day and how with sacrifice comes blessings.

We have another companionship in the ward but they live in a nice big 6 room house by themselves. Ha ha I should have taken photos but our room is a little smaller. But the family we live with is awesome.

The living conditions are just fine, our bathroom is great. And I even think the water is a little less cold here in the morning.

Right now our most progressing family is the family of Edwardo and Ana. They are great and have already been to church two times and are preparing to be baptized the 26th. Really the only thing that makes them not ready to be baptized is the word of wisdom. But they have a great desire to change and follow the example of Jesucristo and that is what´s important.

Yesterday, we taught a lesson with Edwardo and Ana and we brought a really great member named Humbert, (he is the Elders Quorum President) who has a testimony that helped them with their desafios (challenges).

So during the lesson it was really powerful and the hermano shared a very spiritual testimony. Then testifying to them was great, and bearing my testimony about the Savior and how he suffered the Atonement so he could help us overcome all the desafios in our lives and that they could overcome theirs and be born again through the covenant of Baptism by someone possessing the authority of God.

Hey, it is great to hear that Elder Gardner is alright in Japón. We heard about it Friday night when we visited a family watching the Nicaraguan News. That is terrible, but nothing happened here in Nicaragua. Then the next day we got a bunch of questions about if it meant the end of the world was here.

Thanks for the maps of Monte Fresco! And yeah, I figured the Restaurante Casa Mía Pizzeria was pretty good. Every night when we walk back to our house the parking lot is packed with fachenta cars and there are a bunch of gringos eating. I am planning on taking my comp there for something special. After we baptize a family or after his 1st year mark or both.

I bet it was a great talk Dad. I bore my testimony in Fast and Testimony meeting last week. And at the end I said everyone needs to have a Sonrisa Mormona (Mormon smile). They liked that. Thanks for the spiritual thought. It’s funny how all of it applies to the mission too ha ha.

Good luck with the float Mom. Remember, to be a good engineer you build it safe and reliable. To be a great engineer you build it the simplest and cheapest too. Ha ha

Thanks for telling me about how your dating is going Alexis... Love you too.

Good luck with the Dance Concert Emily!!! I Love You.

Hannah, what does a chase down mean? I want a photo and detailed explanation of the feasibility of your leprechaun trap Hannah. P.s I love you.

Love You,

Elder Hardy

P.S. You may ask why I sent the photo of my thumb and a peculiar dime. Well, I am going to start sending a money a week for Hannah to see the money of Nicaragua.

This week’s specimen is the Diez Centavos (10 cents) and is totally and utterly useless. Poor guy. He gets thrown on the ground after you walk out of a super market (because they are the only ones that use them). It’s not even metallic like the other coins. Which I will talk about next time on... What’s that money!?!?

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