Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

I hope everyone had a great Easter day yesterday and remembered why we celebrate Easter. I am not even really sure why there is an Easter Bunny. If you start talking about an Easter BUNNY that hides EGGS for kids to hunt here, everyone looks at you like you are crazy ha ha.

I had a good Easter day yesterday. Church was normal. We have two really positive families that said there were going to go to church yesterday but things came up. We didn’t do a special Easter Sunday church program or anything which is too bad. But my compañero gave a good talk about the Expiación (Atonement).

The best part of the day was after church when we did divisions with the whole Ward Council like we planned. They even made sandwiches to eat before we left. I left with the President of the Quorum of Elders. He is a really awesome guy. He is a little older and we went to the farthest, hardest part of the area (Cañon) to visit families that haven’t been coming to church. He didn’t complain at all, but I could tell he was getting pretty tired. We then met up with my companion at the house of his brother and they invited us to stay to eat dinner.

We talked a lot, they have lived much more exciting lives than me. They were in the Revolution and the Earthquake and everything. Lots of cool stories. But the week in all has been very normal, except there have been less people on the streets. But more dads are home on vacation too.

Yesterday, when I went to a Family´s house deep in the Cañon, after we talked with them and we dedicated their house and everything they asked if I would like to try Guatusa. I told them I didn’t have the foggiest idea what that was but I would love to. Everyone tried to explain it to me and tried to compare it with other animal names I have never heard of. In the end all I understood was that they caught it in the jungle the day before.

They gave me a couple pieces, like a leg and some ribs and it was pretty good. It was small and tasted a little gamey and in the end I figured it was something like rabbit. Later that night I had my Comp explain to me what it is. Ha ha not that it is too crazy what I ate, but I figure if you search Guatusa on Google images you’ll see what it is.

Guatusa: Rodent of Unusual Size

When I show the photo book you guys made for me everyone tells me that I used to be a lot fatter. But no, I haven’t been sick. We went in to Pali and they have one of those put in a quarter (Cordoba) to weigh yourself scales. So I tried it and thought I would come out weighing more. But it said 171 pounds. Ah, so I have lost at least 15 pounds. But I haven’t ever been sick.

And I clear my plate at every meal (even if we have 3 dinners offered to us in one day). I even found Centrium Vitamins that I am taking in the morning. I have intelligently concluded that I need to pick up my exercise program in the morning.

What I would really like is a neat card with my Priesthood lineage on it. That would be great when we get talking sometimes about who has authority. Also, how big is Utah and its population, (and how much bigger than Nicaragua).


It would be neat to hear from my missionary buddies. I don’t know what the rule is for them and writing back an email from me. It might be better to send a letter (ha ha for Christmas). If you could send me their addresses that would be nice.

Me encantaría compartir un poco de mí testimonio de la Expiación de Jesucristo con Ustedes. Especialmente a este tiempo del año cuando tienen la oportunidad enfocar sus vidas occupadas un poco más en la vida de Jesucristo.

Yo sé que Dios nuestro amoroso Padre Celestial cuando presentó su grande plan de felicidad con nosotros, necesitabamos alguien de nuestros hermanos que tendría tan amor sufrir por todo lo demas. Éste fue Jehová. Él vino a la tierra en el medio de los tiempos cumplir su propósito.

Él se bautizó, nos enseñó el camino y dio el ejemplo para nosotros vivir y tratar unos a otros. Él hizo milagros, sanó a los enfermos y estableció su Iglesia aquí en la tierra. Luego, se humilló antes Su Padre y tomó sobre sí los pecados, dolores y sufrimientos de cada uno de nosotros. Él pues, dio su vida en la Cruz para que no solo podemos limpiar nuestros pecados pero ademas podemos vivir.

Y El vive. Resucitó al vencer la muerte fisicál, tan como espíritual. Que todos que creen en él puedan regresar vivir con nuestro Padre. He visto el milagro de la Expiación en mí propia vida y he tenido la oportunidad ver este milagro en las vidas de las familias y personas aquí en Nicaragua.

Mí testimonio inquebrantable es que Jesus el Cristo es mí Salvador y que mediante mí fe en Él, el arrepentimiento, las ordinanzas sagradas que Él estableció por mí y mí perseverando hasta el fin, voy a regresar con Él y mí familia en la Vida Eterna.

Invito a todos Ustedes compartir sus testimonios de la Expiación de Jesucristo con sus familias y amigos esta semana despues Easter. Y les digo estas cosas en el Nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

(I would love to share some of my testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ with you. Especially this time of year when given the opportunity to focus our lives, occupied a little more on the life of Jesus Christ.

I know that God our loving Father in Heaven when he presented his great plan of happiness with us, we needed someone of our brothers who would so love to suffer for everything else. This was the Lord. He came to earth in the midst of the years to fulfill His purpose.

He was baptized, taught us the way and set the example for us to live and treat each other. He performed miracles, healed the sick and established His church here on earth. Then, He humbled before His Father and took upon Himself the sins, pains and sufferings of every one of us. He then gave his life on the Cross so that we can not only wash away our sins but also we can live.

And He lives. Rose to conquer death physically, then spiritually so that all who believe in Him can return to live with our Father. I've seen the miracle of the Atonement in my life and have had the opportunity to see this miracle in the lives of families and people here in Nicaragua.

My unwavering testimony that Jesus Christ is my Savior and that through my faith in Him, repentance, the holy ordinances which He established for me and if I persevere to the end, I will return to Him and my family in the Everlasting Life.

I invite you all to share your testimonies of the Atonement of Jesus Christ with your families and friends this week after Easter. And I say these things in Jesus' name, Amen).

Les amo, (I love you),

Elder Hardy

April 18, 2011

¡Hey Wonderful Family!

Ha ha it is great to hear it’s Spring Break! No breaking here, it has been extra hot this week in Monte Fresco.

My Birthday was great! Thanks for all the cards and gifts, they really made it special.

In the morning I opened my presents. And I made my Birthday Cake! The only problem is we don’t have a microwave... So I cooked it onnn... my Iron! If you thought toasting your toast on your home made toaster iron was cool try baking a cake. Just wrap the iron in a towel and voila! It actually kinda worked. It just took a while, but by lunch time it had baked almost all the way through. The rest of the day was normal, we went to Cañon (the canyon) and taught some new families there.

I loved all the presents. I think they were all there too. The package had been opened twice in the mail. There were two different cuts and retapes on the Virgin Mary seal. Ha ha I am going to have a generous tie exchange with my Comp before changes.

The way it has worked the last two changes is I give my Comp one of my really nice ties that I have noticed they really like and trade for several of the ties they don’t really like but I love. So by the end of the mish I should have a very nice collection to bring home.

Ha ha but please I love the ties, you can never go wrong sending a tie. Ha ha I gave him one of the Nerf guns and then shot him in the back of the head later that morning. But he hasn’t opened his yet ha ha.

Yes! Ha ha the Utah football is awesome. But I have had the Utah Song stuck in my head now instead of a hymn. The great thing is one of my friends in the office Elder Kunz is Super pero (but) Super BYU fan. Ha ha and he called me to make sure I got my package and everything. I am going to bring it the next time we are together and throw it at him.

The best Birthday present I got though was a letter from Aunt Annette and Uncle Bruce. It had their testimonies in it and they were soo Powerful. I am so grateful they are doing so well and was so happy after reading their letters. I also think the ties they sent are the Coolest, and 3 POUNDS of Beef Jerky. Awesome!

The families we are teaching are doing great. And yes, several have accepted baptismal dates to prepare for.

We went to Cañon the other day and felt we should go to a family that we haven’t passed for a while. We talked to them for a little bit and they told us they had thought and prayed about it and finally decided to get married!

They had put a date for 2 months away and I was like, darn I don’t know if we will be here to see you two get married... and they said oh, well let’s move the date sooner! So we moved it for next month and then taught them more about baptism and they said they would prepare to be baptized. Then they decided they would like to set the date for after their marriage the same day.

Sunday is Easter and well, here it isn’t just Easter Sunday. It is called Semana Santa (which you already know) and they do stuff the whole week. The big thing everyone does here is they go to the beach. So... not too much for the missionaries to do.

I gave a surprise talk yesterday in Sacrament Meeting! Right before the meeting started the Bishop asked me if I would give a short talk because I am, " Siempre animado y sonriente " (Always cheerful and smiling) and he wants me to motivate the ward about missionary work. So I said, “Of course.”

I was nervous because if it is hard for me to talk well with a talk I have already planned, imagine one that I am winging. I imagine that it is even more difficult to understand me when I am doing the almost crying thing too. Ha ha and I know that there must have been plenty of grammatical errors but I actually ended up giving a good 10 minute talk. Everyone told me thank you after and how it was very spiritual and everything. Ha ha the Bishop´s wife told me she almost cried, so that was good.

Hey, wish Aunt Jenny luck in the Marathon tomorrow for me! The Boston Marathon, that sounds like a really big deal. That is pretty sweet. I want you guys to send me a photo of her crossing the finish line. It just popped into my head a really cool object lesson with that.

For our recent converts, Preseverar Hasta el Fin (Endure to the End), I could tell them the story of how my Aunt ran a really big deal marathon and show them a photo of Jenny at the starting line, while she is running and as she crosses the finish line. (Then one of her receiving a medal). And tell them they need to follow the example of my aunt Jenny and Endure to the End.

I am glad to hear that Grandma and Grandpa are doing better. Tell Grandma that I have received and officially have #26 of her letters, and can’t wait until the next one.

I am glad Perry the Duck is growing nice and plump...

Congrats that Tax season is over Dad. That’s always the best time of year. After busy season. Sleep and play some golf ha ha.

Thanks for writing each week Mom. I hope you go somewhere fun.
Good luck with the end of school Alexis!

Emily that is really neat that the old ward asked you to play. And you played the song you played at my farewell. Love you.

Good to hear your performances went well Hannah. Have fun with spring break. And with going somewhere. And with shopping.

P.S. I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!

Elder Hardy

April 11, 2011

Thank you for the Happy Birthdays! And thanks for emailing the Happy Birthday wishes from everyone on Facebook!

I got my Birthday Package!! On Friday we were in our Zone meeting and Elder Geddes, my Zone Leader, got a phone call and left the room. He came back in with a big package in his hands and gave it to me. Ha ha apparently Hermana Monestel called in a special land drop, and sent some missionaries from the office in one of the office cars to deliver it to me while I was at the Stake Center.

I opened it today after lunch, and set up the birthday banner and balloons, but I am going to wake up earlier tomorrow morning to open the presents. Thank you so much for the presents! There are a bunch and it is awesome.

And the office called today, and said they had another package from Aunt Annette and Uncle Bruce! They said they sent it to the wrong church or something last week and wanted to know how they could send it to me today.

But they would have had to have driven to a church and meet me there. They asked me if it would be alright if they sent it in the Bolsa (bag) this week and I told them it would be fine. Tell Annette and Bruce thanks so much, and I will enjoy a second birthday from them! They are Awesome.

But I haven’t heard anything about the third package still. But yes, Elder Coj told me he received his Jesus El Cristo. He was so happy and loved the photo and testimony too. He told me to tell you guys muchisimas gracias.

The families we are teaching are coming along well. It has been looking pretty tough to be able to baptize a family this month. But I have been praying a lot that we could miraculously find a family that could be ready to be baptized this month (which is almost impossible because for the least, they should have 3 times in church before they can be baptized).

But this Sunday, a familia came to church that has investigated the church before and has already come to church a bunch of times. They live deep in the cañon (canyon) but tomorrow we are going to go visit them and see if we can help them be prepared to be baptized the 23 of this month.

Another miraculously answered prayer and fast. Now we have to finish our part of the deal and teach them well. Then they will have to do their part of the deal, complete commitments and have the faith to be baptized.

Something amazing that happened last night is that we finally got to talk to the mom in a family who has been very closed. And now she likes us and we are bringing her a copy of The Family: A Proclamation to the World.

Tell Grandma, Sí. I have consecutively received all of her numbered letters up to 23 I believe. I have saved them all. There is just a little lag but I know I will get them.

This is the Motmot bird I saw, Hannah!

Well Hannah, as far as my birthday goes and what I have planned, we will be working hard tomorrow. We are going into the jungle valley Cañon (Canyon) to teach some families and hopefully find some new ones.

The best birthday present would be... yours, first of all. And then if we could invite the family that came to church yesterday to be baptized and they accept the date of the 23rd. That would be great. Hmm, I forgot to buy a Piñata but maybe a member will remember it’s my birthday and do something special.

Well Dad, thanks for the journal and for emailing Hna Monestel. I have been feeling so Isolated without a package ha ha.

And thank you Mom, I know you worked very hard to do everything. I cannot wait to talk to you for Mother’s Day!

Alexis, you asked, “What has been my most humbling experience thus far in the mission?”

Ask me again next time sis. But for now... Every day when the Lord answers my prayers.

Thanks Emily Poo, I do not feel old. But do you want to know something sad? Sometimes my comp. always asks people how old he looks because he still looks like a kid. And they usually say he is like 16 years old (he is 20). Then we ask how old they think I am... and people have said all the way up to 28! :(

I make myself feel better by saying it is because I am so much taller and bigger than them (that is what they say when I tell them I am 19), because I have an old man part in my hair, and because I am just so mature haha. But now I can at least say I am in the 20s.

Thank you so much Hannah. And thank you for your card... Robin. (I haven’t opened it yet). Good luck with your performances and Have fun at your First Sleep Over. I remember one sleepover when my friend Taylor Gunst turned into a werewolf...

con Cariño (with Love),

Elder Hardy

April 4, 2011

Hey Everybody!

So I (and the rest of my Zone) loved General Conference! How many talks were about marriage? I lost count. But all the Cheles were loving it in our little room where we watched it in English. I said, ¨Great, there goes all my posibilidades (possibilities)¨ ha ha.

For Conference we went to the big Stake Center in Alta Gracia. As I said, all the Cheles watched the sessions in our own room in English. Ha ha and the Stake Center has air conditioning.

My favorite Conference talk? Wow, that is a tough one. And I didn’t bring my notes to make a serious comparison either. I really like how everyone really stressed the family (as always) and Temple marriage. I hope that motivates everyone here to keep on working with their goals to go to the Guatemala Temple soon.

All the talks about the Church Welfare System were excellent as well, we have had some issues with that here, and it was an excellent answer to my prayers. For me personally, my favorite must have been the talks in Sacerdocio (Priesthood), about our duties as Priesthood Holders. I suggest all the males reading this to follow the Prophet’s counsel and read the scriptures about our duties.

I received a lot of personal revelation and all the talks were excellent for the members in my Ward to hear. Everyone liked it when Nicaragua was brought up, but we were all disappointed in the beginning when they didn´t announce a temple. We still have some work to do.

No changes this week. We just talked to the other Elders in our Ward and they are both leaving. New sisters are coming.

The bath with the 3-liter bottle? Ha ha yes, the bathroom isn’t going anywhere. The water just goes somewhere else sometimes. Ha ha the only bad/different part about the 3 liter bottle was I had stuck it in the fridge the night before...

I’m not sure what the Family or our Ward are doing for Easter. We have not planned that far yet. Hannah, I would like to know too if they do Easter Egg hunts and how they celebrate. I will surely find out.

Hey Dad, thanks for the journal entries, they are the best. Sorry about missing Priesthood Session with you. Good luck with tax season. The husband that lives in the house is the accountant for a church here ha ha. Love you.

I am sorry to hear about Grandma and Grandpa Weiler with their power being out. Tell Grandma I love to get her letters every week. Love you so.

Great with the April Fools jokes, Alexis. I am surprised that boys even talk to you the last week of March and first week of April! I loved the talk when the Prophet pretty much told all the Return Missionaries to get married, no excuses, and how the pond is going to be very low in numbers when I get back in a year and a half…hmm. Love you too. Who is T.J.?

Good luck with Prom Emily, and the Dance Tryouts, but those are no big deal for you. I luh you too.

Great work learning all your dances Hannah. Hey, you need to teach me your magic trick ha ha. Poor Rob! Love you.

Elder Hardy

Quack, quack, quack