Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

April 18, 2011

¡Hey Wonderful Family!

Ha ha it is great to hear it’s Spring Break! No breaking here, it has been extra hot this week in Monte Fresco.

My Birthday was great! Thanks for all the cards and gifts, they really made it special.

In the morning I opened my presents. And I made my Birthday Cake! The only problem is we don’t have a microwave... So I cooked it onnn... my Iron! If you thought toasting your toast on your home made toaster iron was cool try baking a cake. Just wrap the iron in a towel and voila! It actually kinda worked. It just took a while, but by lunch time it had baked almost all the way through. The rest of the day was normal, we went to Cañon (the canyon) and taught some new families there.

I loved all the presents. I think they were all there too. The package had been opened twice in the mail. There were two different cuts and retapes on the Virgin Mary seal. Ha ha I am going to have a generous tie exchange with my Comp before changes.

The way it has worked the last two changes is I give my Comp one of my really nice ties that I have noticed they really like and trade for several of the ties they don’t really like but I love. So by the end of the mish I should have a very nice collection to bring home.

Ha ha but please I love the ties, you can never go wrong sending a tie. Ha ha I gave him one of the Nerf guns and then shot him in the back of the head later that morning. But he hasn’t opened his yet ha ha.

Yes! Ha ha the Utah football is awesome. But I have had the Utah Song stuck in my head now instead of a hymn. The great thing is one of my friends in the office Elder Kunz is Super pero (but) Super BYU fan. Ha ha and he called me to make sure I got my package and everything. I am going to bring it the next time we are together and throw it at him.

The best Birthday present I got though was a letter from Aunt Annette and Uncle Bruce. It had their testimonies in it and they were soo Powerful. I am so grateful they are doing so well and was so happy after reading their letters. I also think the ties they sent are the Coolest, and 3 POUNDS of Beef Jerky. Awesome!

The families we are teaching are doing great. And yes, several have accepted baptismal dates to prepare for.

We went to Cañon the other day and felt we should go to a family that we haven’t passed for a while. We talked to them for a little bit and they told us they had thought and prayed about it and finally decided to get married!

They had put a date for 2 months away and I was like, darn I don’t know if we will be here to see you two get married... and they said oh, well let’s move the date sooner! So we moved it for next month and then taught them more about baptism and they said they would prepare to be baptized. Then they decided they would like to set the date for after their marriage the same day.

Sunday is Easter and well, here it isn’t just Easter Sunday. It is called Semana Santa (which you already know) and they do stuff the whole week. The big thing everyone does here is they go to the beach. So... not too much for the missionaries to do.

I gave a surprise talk yesterday in Sacrament Meeting! Right before the meeting started the Bishop asked me if I would give a short talk because I am, " Siempre animado y sonriente " (Always cheerful and smiling) and he wants me to motivate the ward about missionary work. So I said, “Of course.”

I was nervous because if it is hard for me to talk well with a talk I have already planned, imagine one that I am winging. I imagine that it is even more difficult to understand me when I am doing the almost crying thing too. Ha ha and I know that there must have been plenty of grammatical errors but I actually ended up giving a good 10 minute talk. Everyone told me thank you after and how it was very spiritual and everything. Ha ha the Bishop´s wife told me she almost cried, so that was good.

Hey, wish Aunt Jenny luck in the Marathon tomorrow for me! The Boston Marathon, that sounds like a really big deal. That is pretty sweet. I want you guys to send me a photo of her crossing the finish line. It just popped into my head a really cool object lesson with that.

For our recent converts, Preseverar Hasta el Fin (Endure to the End), I could tell them the story of how my Aunt ran a really big deal marathon and show them a photo of Jenny at the starting line, while she is running and as she crosses the finish line. (Then one of her receiving a medal). And tell them they need to follow the example of my aunt Jenny and Endure to the End.

I am glad to hear that Grandma and Grandpa are doing better. Tell Grandma that I have received and officially have #26 of her letters, and can’t wait until the next one.

I am glad Perry the Duck is growing nice and plump...

Congrats that Tax season is over Dad. That’s always the best time of year. After busy season. Sleep and play some golf ha ha.

Thanks for writing each week Mom. I hope you go somewhere fun.
Good luck with the end of school Alexis!

Emily that is really neat that the old ward asked you to play. And you played the song you played at my farewell. Love you.

Good to hear your performances went well Hannah. Have fun with spring break. And with going somewhere. And with shopping.

P.S. I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!

Elder Hardy

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Lori Smith said...

I really don't get how he baked a cake with an iron?