Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

April 11, 2011

Thank you for the Happy Birthdays! And thanks for emailing the Happy Birthday wishes from everyone on Facebook!

I got my Birthday Package!! On Friday we were in our Zone meeting and Elder Geddes, my Zone Leader, got a phone call and left the room. He came back in with a big package in his hands and gave it to me. Ha ha apparently Hermana Monestel called in a special land drop, and sent some missionaries from the office in one of the office cars to deliver it to me while I was at the Stake Center.

I opened it today after lunch, and set up the birthday banner and balloons, but I am going to wake up earlier tomorrow morning to open the presents. Thank you so much for the presents! There are a bunch and it is awesome.

And the office called today, and said they had another package from Aunt Annette and Uncle Bruce! They said they sent it to the wrong church or something last week and wanted to know how they could send it to me today.

But they would have had to have driven to a church and meet me there. They asked me if it would be alright if they sent it in the Bolsa (bag) this week and I told them it would be fine. Tell Annette and Bruce thanks so much, and I will enjoy a second birthday from them! They are Awesome.

But I haven’t heard anything about the third package still. But yes, Elder Coj told me he received his Jesus El Cristo. He was so happy and loved the photo and testimony too. He told me to tell you guys muchisimas gracias.

The families we are teaching are coming along well. It has been looking pretty tough to be able to baptize a family this month. But I have been praying a lot that we could miraculously find a family that could be ready to be baptized this month (which is almost impossible because for the least, they should have 3 times in church before they can be baptized).

But this Sunday, a familia came to church that has investigated the church before and has already come to church a bunch of times. They live deep in the cañon (canyon) but tomorrow we are going to go visit them and see if we can help them be prepared to be baptized the 23 of this month.

Another miraculously answered prayer and fast. Now we have to finish our part of the deal and teach them well. Then they will have to do their part of the deal, complete commitments and have the faith to be baptized.

Something amazing that happened last night is that we finally got to talk to the mom in a family who has been very closed. And now she likes us and we are bringing her a copy of The Family: A Proclamation to the World.

Tell Grandma, Sí. I have consecutively received all of her numbered letters up to 23 I believe. I have saved them all. There is just a little lag but I know I will get them.

This is the Motmot bird I saw, Hannah!

Well Hannah, as far as my birthday goes and what I have planned, we will be working hard tomorrow. We are going into the jungle valley Cañon (Canyon) to teach some families and hopefully find some new ones.

The best birthday present would be... yours, first of all. And then if we could invite the family that came to church yesterday to be baptized and they accept the date of the 23rd. That would be great. Hmm, I forgot to buy a Piñata but maybe a member will remember it’s my birthday and do something special.

Well Dad, thanks for the journal and for emailing Hna Monestel. I have been feeling so Isolated without a package ha ha.

And thank you Mom, I know you worked very hard to do everything. I cannot wait to talk to you for Mother’s Day!

Alexis, you asked, “What has been my most humbling experience thus far in the mission?”

Ask me again next time sis. But for now... Every day when the Lord answers my prayers.

Thanks Emily Poo, I do not feel old. But do you want to know something sad? Sometimes my comp. always asks people how old he looks because he still looks like a kid. And they usually say he is like 16 years old (he is 20). Then we ask how old they think I am... and people have said all the way up to 28! :(

I make myself feel better by saying it is because I am so much taller and bigger than them (that is what they say when I tell them I am 19), because I have an old man part in my hair, and because I am just so mature haha. But now I can at least say I am in the 20s.

Thank you so much Hannah. And thank you for your card... Robin. (I haven’t opened it yet). Good luck with your performances and Have fun at your First Sleep Over. I remember one sleepover when my friend Taylor Gunst turned into a werewolf...

con Cariño (with Love),

Elder Hardy

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Melinda Bogert said...

What a great blog you have, Elder. I am sure you don't know me. We are the 'traveling' Bogerts who come to church now and then because we live full time in our motor home and don't get into our Stratford East ward much. But we know who YOU are! God bless your work and know you are in our prayers as are all the missionaries world wide! Sister Bogert