Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

May 21, 2012

Hey Family!!!

Did you miss me?

I think last week might have been the only week in the whole mission that I wasn’t able to write you guys, right? Man, there went my record. I’m sorry, but it was because we did an activity as a Zone last Monday.

In the District of Diriamba, in part of their area, there is a beach called La Boquita (the little mouth). Don’t worry, we got permission first. And we went to go take photos and play football on the beach and chiliar un buen rato (to chill & have a good time). I got pretty burnt!

The thing is, as we were leaving the Boquita, about fifteen minutes in the micro bus, Elder Pinto said: "Oh no! Olvidé mi cámara!" (I forgot my camera!) So we had them pull over and let Elder Pinto and me out to go back and look for it.

If you all understand, a camera sitting on a bench outside of a snack stand in Nicaragua for fifteen minutes usually gets bored and walks away.

But, I thought it would be a great opportunity as well to teach about the principle of prayer and faith and spend some personal time with one of the newer missionaries in my Zone. So we each said a prayer as we stood by the side of the road for about a half an hour trying to get a ride from passing cars. But nobody wanted to take us.

Finally, the bus came and we got on. When we got to the soda stand where he had left it, the store was already closed. And there was no camera bag or person in site. So we decided to use our missionary skill and started contacting the houses nearby presenting ourselves asking who they were and asking if they knew the owner of the store.

Well, we finally found where the owner lived and we talked to her and asked her a few questions to see if she knew anything about the camera. She said she had never seen it. But we convinced her to come and open up the store to see if she had accidently put it in there when she closed up. Nothing.

The owner was trying to think of all the people that passed by after us that could have taken it. Then a friend of her came over and we started talking to her. She said she had seen the camera, and maybe some people that might have taken it.

In the end, we gave them our number and invited them to church and asked them if they ever find the camera to let us know. I left disappointed, and to be honest, a little suspicious of them as well. Elder Pinto seemed fine.

We got back to Diriamba where everyone else was finishing writing to their families and Elder Leiva and I went to buy a camera and go back to San Marcos so I could write there. (I’ll tell you about the camera later).

But as we headed towards the bus stop, I saw a lady that looked familiar... I stopped and realized it was the Lady from the Soda Stand!!! I ran over to her and asked her how she was and what she was doing here. She reached into her bag, and pulled out the Camera!!! I was so amazed.

She said she started doing some detective work in her neighborhood until she found one of the little boys behind his house playing with a camera. Ha ha, she scolded him a little bit and scared him telling him she was going to call the police and then gave him 5 bucks for the camera and told him not to tell his parents (she didn’t want to have problems with her neighbors).

She tried to call the number but she must have written it down wrong because nobody answered and so she decided to go all the way to Diriamba to go to the directions of the church to see if she could find us.

I was so impressed with her integrity and efforts to help! I know she will be blessed, and I loved the look on Elder Pinto´s face when I handed him the camera! Another impossible prayer answered.

Ok, I bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-S1. Its 12 Mega pixels. It was actually the cheapest one at the store because I got it on sale.

The Area Seventy President we met with was Elder Martino, (he is councilor right now but will be president this year). It was awesome. He talked to the whole mission and to just the Zone Leaders. It was neat. As Zone Leaders, we got to eat dinner with him and he was pretty cool.

My comp gave the spiritual thought in English in the meeting and did it really well. Elder Martino was pretty impressed and asked who his comp was. He thanked me for helping and told me I have to talk in English to him each day for 1 hour.

Then Sister Monestel interrupted him and told him that I was one of the Gringos that helped the most to his companions to learn English. (Last month in changes, she called me up in front of everybody and gave me a certificate for helping my comps the most out of the entire mission. She reviews the English books of the Latinos and apparently my name is in more books for giving them the exams at the end of the chapters than any other).

So Elder Martino was impressed and said that I have to speak 2 hours in English everyday with my comp. ha ha. They shouldn’t have said anything because Elder Leiva already speaks pretty good English and I don’t know if any of my other comps really think I have helped them out that much in English. But Elder Martino learned my name and at dinner he talked to me a lot. It was pretty cool.

The presentation I was talking about was from Elder Leiva and I to the Stake President, Bishops and Branch Presidents from our Jinotepe Stake. It was good to help them get excited about the mission work and about the new plans we have made as a mission with the help of Elder Martino.

My goals for this last area? Well, I have a couple goals. Goals for bettering my Christ-like attributes, goals for being a Successful Missionary and goals for baptizing families. 

My goal for baptizing is to be able to baptize 2 families every month before leaving. (And we should have completed it this Saturday) But unfortunately, the family has had some problems and we are going to have to give them some more time. But I have faith that if we do everything we can, the Lord will guide us to the families that are waiting to hear the Gospel and come unto Christ.

If you guys read in Preach My Gospel in the first chapter, you will find towards the end a section called "How to be a Successful Missionary". For each one of these points I have a rating system from 1-5 (never to always) and I would like to be able to get much higher in each section.

Towards the end of the mission, sometimes us missionaries run out of steam, but the point is if we rely on the Grace of God through the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, when we have given all the strength we have to give, He will give us the strength we didn’t have and we will be able to do what we need to do.

So it’s pretty much like the Energizer Bunny...

Sounds like everything is going good.

I was so grateful to be able to hear from you all!

Congratulations on all your achievements!

I love you so much,

Elder Hardy

ps I love you.

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