Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

April 16, 2012

Dear Family!

Oh, well sounds like we have been having opposites in the weather this week! It has been... hot here!

Wish them luck to Hannah and Emily for their Ballet Performances.

Do we use that Object Lesson Book you sent? Ha ha Yeah! Me and my comp. call it the "Apostasy Book". Just because it isn’t in the Missionary Library. But we use it when we are planning for a lesson and we want to have an object lesson. First, we try to think of Ideas for a while and if we can’t think of one we say, "take out the apostasy book!" and we find one there. 

We have already used some, like the one using "Goo" (Corn starch goo) to show that when you work with your testimony it stays strong and firm. But if you let it sit for just a little, it starts to run through your fingers. I used it in a District meeting about our testimonies and the Book of Mormon (the kids... I mean missionaries loved it). And my comp. and I used it in a Noche de Fortificación of the Ward.

What did I do for my Birthday? Well, not tooo much. Thursday we worked the whole day like normal. I want to take my comp out to eat today before it’s too late. And I bought myself a Coool Gift. (the hammock). We´ll see how I am able to send it home.

Well, I still don’t know if I have changes this week. But I guess it is very likely.

Our one family did not get baptized this week. They couldn’t come to church enough times still. Yesterday, something happened with the land lord of their house and they had to stay there to talk to her so that they don’t lose the house. 

But if I go, I know Elder Batz will do a great job helping them. He will have to send us photos when they get baptized. 

But this week a future missionary got baptized! Manuel got baptized!!!

Elder Nelson, a returned missionary that has become friends with him these last few weeks was the one that baptized him. The Baptismal service was pretty good. The hymns were a little slow, but Members came to support him and everything.

So, in the actually baptism, after the prayer, Elder Nelson began to submerge Manuel in the water, but Manuel wasn’t able to plug his nose very well and ended up taking in a bunch of water. But at least he went all the way under. I think he tried to hold it in until he got to the bathroom but then he started coughing and everything like he had almost drowned. 

I was joking with him after and told him it was because he had to clean himself inside and out. He is 19 and would be a great missionary. I hope everything works out so that he can go.

We had a lesson with Agustin and Maria and they are Super Excited to go to the Temple next year! Last night we had a pretty "awesome" experience with a New Family we found.

Hannah asked if I have seen any crocodiles. Hmmm. Sorry Hannah, no. Do they have crocodiles here?

Ok, thanks for the updates. Good luck with the Party! Didn’t busy season already end?

Congratulations EMILY on the ACT! That’s Awesome!

Good luck on the CRTs Hannah!

And about the coming home the week of the 13th. Well, I am going to do what you said, Dad. I guess it is a big decision. Maybe you guys could pray too so that everything works out miraculously like it has many times in my school and education. Thanks Mom for all your help, you have always helped so much with my school. But don’t worry; one day when you are old it will pay off! ha ha ha.


Elder Hardy

Ps. I love you.

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