Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

April 2, 2012

¡Feliz Semana Santa!

Happy Easter!

I don’t know if you guys remember from last year but Easter week is called Holy Week. And depending on your religion, you participate in activities during the week. The most common are the Catholic traditions. They carry a cross around the city every Friday for a month before Semana Santa and every day during this week has a specific activity of the life of Christ assigned to it.

It would be interesting to look up, I don’t remember the name assigned to each day. But the most common thing for everyone is to go to the beach! (Supposedly it’s the hottest week in the year). Too bad the missionaries won’t be participating in the cultural traditions of Nicaragua.

But Conference was great wasn’t it!?!

I got to watch all the sessions. Most of them I watched in English. But I watched the Priesthood session in Español because we came together with a couple of investigators and I didn’t want to just leave them.

From the Priesthood session my favorite phrase was from President Monson: Haz tu Deber, haz tu mejor, deja el resto al Señor. (Do your duty, do your best, leave the rest to the Lord.)  I liked that because I would like to be a good leader and fulfill my duty, but things never go perfectly so I just have to do my best and confide in the Lord for the rest.

But my favorite talks always seem to be from Elder Holland. I guess I just like his very direct, "machete" style. But this conference I received much revelation and I was also very pleased because various investigators came and had inspired leaders of the church talk about exactly what they needed to hear.

It was a great week. A couple issues with the District but in the end everything will be ok. I guess we could work on our unity. But we had a fun activity today for Pday with the whole mission that helped everyone have a little fun and relax.

We were going to go to the Vulcan Masaya (Masaya Volcano) but they closed the Volcano today, so first we went to see the Caterina Laguna. It was pretty. But not much to do for a missionary at a laguna. But I bought a cool Nicaraguan bag because I told myself I need to buy more souvenirs.

Mirador de Catarina, Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

Fotos de la Carcel (Photos of the Prison)

Oh, and because all the mission was there, I talked to my comp. Elder Gaytan, who is in Masaya and gave him the down payment for a really nice Hammock. I told him to get one of the big ones (for like 2 or 3 people) and to make the colors like the Nicaraguan flag. He said I could put letters on it so I told him to put Hardy, and on the other side Nicaragua (so we don’t forgot from where it came).

This week was the best because with the most positive family we are teaching we invited them to be baptized and they accepted. For the 21st of April. The only problem is that I am probably going to get transferred before that. But it was a neat spiritual experience we had with them last night. We taught them the lesson of the Restoration.

But it was hard. Because their two year old little girl Emily, decided to be a big distraction this time. (Normally she is really sweet and shy) But this time she was running around throwing things on the ground and bugging her mom and dad ha ha. I think she was just tired.

So, as we struggled to have the spirit and their attention throughout the lesson we testified to them of the love of God and of the restoration through the prophet José Smith. After testifying, my companion asked the Dad if he would ponder about these things and ask his Heavenly Father in the name of Christ if José Smith was a Prophet.

We sat there for what felt like a long time but he didn’t answer. My companion repeated him the question and we waited for what felt like forever but he didn’t respond. I then explained to him again what it would mean to his family to know if these things were true and explained again how he could know through prayer.

Then I asked again, "¿Orará para saber si José Smith fue un profeta verdadero?" (“Will you pray to know if Joseph Smith was a true prophet?") This time he replied, with a strong, "NO". We were a little bit astounded by his answer, because they have been very positive and during the entire lesson they seemed to have understood and liked the message.

But we weren´t discouraged. I asked him, "¿Que le impediría orar y preguntar a Dios si José Smith fue un profeta de Dios?" (“What would prevent him to pray and ask God if Joseph Smith was a prophet of God?”)

And after thinking for a second he said, "No creo que debería preguntar a Dios, si ya sé que José Smith fue un profeta." (“I do not think I should ask God, if I already know that Joseph Smith was a prophet.”)

Ha ha ha, well after he said that all the tenseness left the room and me and my comp smiled and said, Well that’s great! We then continued to explain to them that they can still pray and ask their Father in Heaven to strengthen their faith and testimonies and help them to follow Jesus Christ. We then invited them to be baptized the 21st of April and they accepted.

That is so amazing to hear that Aunt Annette is going through the temple next week!

Ha ha ha NO! I have not gotten any Trunky Papers. But Mom, I think with the way the changes are going to fall I am going to come home with everyone the Thursday of the week of Aug. 18th. Is that going to be a problem? Do you think someone can go to my classes the first two or three days?

I remember the snow caves dad! And I remember that mine and Jordan Stewarts was beautiful! But as we were making it, Jordan was scraping away at the ceiling to make it higher and right as I said, "I don’t think we should go any higher..." The cave collapsed ha ha.

Thanks for the spiritual thoughts about conference Mom and Dad. It was great. And it had lots of advice and blessings for the family.

I have had a lot of faith building experiences in the mission, Alexis. But I would have to say that normally the best for me are the answered prayers. Especially a few that have been answered through the fruits of the Holy Ghost. How would you build faith in investigators? Through WORKS. Anybody here can listen to someone talk about Christ for an hour. But not everyone ACTS upon what they hear. Those that read, pray and come to church progress and receive a REAL Conversion. Those who don’t, stay in the same condition they are in for the rest of their lives. Unless one day they Work their faith and Act.

I love you all,

Have a Happy Easter & Spring Break!

Elder Hardy

ps I love you!

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