Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

February 28, 2011

Buenas de Monte Fresco!!!


Ha ha that’s right, I got transferred to the Area: Monte Fresco II (Serrania), Zone: Universitaria. And so far it’s Awesome.

My new compañero is Elder Valenzuela. He is from Honduras! He´s a pretty cool guy and last change they baptized two families. Right now I think this is the highest baptizing zone in the Mission. I´m super excited to get to work here. We have already found a couple families and hope that they will have the faith and be prepared to be baptized by the end of next month.

Yes! So Monte Fresco is on the Carretera Sur de Managua. I don´t think we are actually in Managua, just outside of it. So the whole area runs along one side of the main highway. Ha ha and the other area runs along the other side.

There is this one barrio (neighborhood) called the Cañon. You walk off the highway and down into this really forested valley.

There are recent converts and investigators that live more than 4 km farther south in the valley and Friday we went to visit them. It was the most ´tropical rainforesty´ walk I have had so far. Just on a dirt road with dense trees on both sides. Unfortunately, my camera was dead. We talked to two new investigators (now they are) the whole 4 km. It was Fun.

We live in a very small room off the side of a house here in Monte Fresco. It is across the street from the big Catholic Seminary Building haha.

The family that lives here is super nice. Three families actually live here. The Grandma, Grandpa, their two daughters, their husbands and one of them has twin kids about 2 years old. The other a baby girl 3 months old. The baby's name is Heysel. They are so cute.

Familia de Escalante

So I think they actually have a microwave. We have all our food citas (appointments) there too. Except for breakfast (which I hope will change). Same with having to wash our own clothes... We were spoiled in Boaco!

Ahhh! There was no package for me at Changes!!! I tried not to believe them, I think they are hiding it at the office because it is so awesome. Ha ha no, I’m just kidding. I don’t think they stole it. But still I haven’t gotten it.

I did get some letters from Grandma. And, thank you Grandma, I do love your letters to me. They are the best, ha ha and the Happy Valentine’s Day one was great. I hope everyone is feeling well. Even Charlie, I hope he stops pulling out his tail feathers soon.

CD Player? I can definitely go buy one. I’ve been thinking of investing in an Ipod Nano too. Elder Bailey’s family sent him one and they are pretty cool. I don’t know, what do you think? And if I do get one, do you think you guys could help fill it with good Tab Choir and church music?

I am going to send a package with the memory cards intact very soon.

Carnaval Alegria por la Vida (Happiness for Life Carnival) in Managua sounds pretty cool. But unless it passes by the Carretera Sur, I probably won´t see it.

Thank you for sending me all the names of the Missionaries serving in our Ward. I think it is Awesome there are so many serving.

I would now like to give a shout out to all of them, (even though they should never look at the Blog until after their missions because the Missionaries from the Grandview 1st Ward and the Wilford Stake are Obediente con Exactidud. (Unless their Mission President says they can. And I think the couple missionaries probably can).

To the 11 Missionaries currently serving from our Grandview 1st Ward: Les doy felicidades y mi amor a ustedes por su servicio a nuestro Señor y quiero lo mejor para mis compañeros en la obra mientras ayudamos los hijos de nuestro Padre Celestial venir más cerca de Cristo. Buena Suerte, Dios sea con Ustedes hasta nos vemos.

(I give congratulations and my love to you for your service to our Lord and want the best for my colleagues in the work while helping the children of our Heavenly Father to come closer to Christ. Good luck, God be with you until we meet).

Dad, I don´t know what this chanchada (hype) is about trading Deron Williams, but hopefully we can get some good draft picks then. Woopdy doo for BYU ha ha but that’s great that they have a chance at a number one seed.

That’s so awesome Mom that you and the Activity Day Girls donated to Heifer International. I do hope someone in Nicaragua gets a flock of chicks because of it.

Time will go by fast and before you know it I will be eating your Sunday Night Pot Roast and Mashed Potatoes and not rice and beans. Ha ha but until then I’m not complaining. ¨¡No pregunta, solo comelo!¨ (We do not ask, just eat it!)  is my motto.

Alexis, Congrats on the Study Abroad! That is exciting. Don’t succumb to the dark side. And if you don’t find your exaltacion in these ´lots of guys´ there are plenty of dorky missionaries here that want your email address.

Emily, that’s great that you have been dancing. And guess what, I may be a little scared that you are getting your license, but it’s ok. Because the people driving in Managua are Crazy!!! They must give out licenses like gift cards or something.

Ha ha no, just kidding but they are super aggressive. And I don’t think I have seen a car yet that doesn’t have at least a few scrapes on its sides. Ha ha good luck, I love you, drive safe.

Hannah! ¡Felicidades! (Congratulations!) That is sooo tuanis (cool) that you won a trophy at the District Science Fair. Second Place is a big deal in a competition like that. I am so proud of you and I know there are more big things to come, right?

The exciting news today is I found a way not to have to wash my own clothes for today! But it came at a price. The story is that today we found out the First Counselor in the Ward has a washing machine. But, he doesn’t have a house...

So we made a deal with him that if he would help wash our clothes today we would help him move some dirt to build his house. So this morning, it turns out we moved one side of the valley of Cañon ha ha. Turns out faith, a couple of picks, shovels, wheelbarrows and blisters can move a mountain. But I love doing service! Now I just need to find someone to help iron... :)

Love You Muchísimo también!!!

Elder Hardy

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Lori Smith said...

Great Super man picture...Hayden's mission President made his missionaries send home their Nano IPods...he said it says in the general lit. from headquarters you can't have them...we never read that but obedient Hayden sent his right home!(all it had on it was Tab choir and Book Of Mormon in Spanish!)