Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!
Hannah! The big one o! Congratulations Hannah, I hope you had a great birthday. That is neat you got a Duck named Percy. But what are you guys going to do with all the eggs?
That is great that a sister from that stake is coming to Nicaragua. But not until October 20th!!! What will I do till then? Ha ha I will send the SD cards in the bag to the office.
Hey, but I have barely even heard about the Hurricane. Nothing has changed here. And if it came down here I don’t know what it would do to Bluefields, it is a pretty big bay, I don’t know how much that helps.
Yes, there is a family (not members) that cooks lunch and dinner for us. And we have a nice member that washes our clothes.
Well, supposedly the food  is supposed to be a lot more coconuts and sea food. But I have pretty much eaten the same thing since the beginning of the mission. I am going to have to ask our food cita (appointment) to please cook some more coastal meals.
Well we are teaching lots of people. We had a baptism Saturday. That makes at least one baptism per week since I got here. And we have another one planned for this Saturday.

But we have two families that we are focusing on. One we call the family of the Prophets. Because all the kids have names of prophets from the Bible. Two of the kids are already members and we are helping the rest of the family. The great thing is that the mom and dad have already been married for about 20 years. But they didn’t come to church yesterday.
Another family we are teaching came to church yesterday, but the dad didn’t come. They are friends with one of our really pilas (strong) recent converts who is taking us to all his friends to teach them.
Ha ha ha, well, for PDay today we went to "La Piedra" (the rock) today. It is a big rock on the top of our area. So we went to take photos.

Then we went exploring by a little stream that is there and got lost in the jungle. It was pretty fun.

Well I don’t "need" anything. All my clothes still work. But I think my shirts are pretty yellow. But it’s not like I want to trade them all out. Maybe a tie or two (for me and my comp) would be nice.
Yes, it is very safe in Bluefields. There won’t be any problems here. Did you send a note to Sister Monestel telling her to put me in the safest places in the mission? Ha ha because I think I have been in the top 3 safest. At this rate I am not going to have any cool stories...
Ha ha ha no Hannah, I have eaten any bugs yet like Bear Grylls. Unfortunately, the food has been pretty good. J
Hey Dad, say hi to the home teaching families. Who is your compañero? That is too bad you don’t have any journal entries. But it is very true that you learn to deal with people on the mission. You also learn to have lots of patience. Love you, Dad.
I hope bowling is going to be fun, Mom. But no I haven’t had any foot fungus. And I forgot about the funny anti foot fungus trick ha ha. The only thing with feet here is ingrown toenails. I have kind of gotten them but I have just separated my toenails from where it is digging in every once in a while and I haven’t had any problems. Love you tons!
Hey Alexis! Ha ha finally moved out of the house. That was a very economically interesting decision ha ha, just kidding. I hope it is good, and that your SINGLES ward is fun. Sounds like your trip was great. You should send me a couple of the cooler photos. Love You!
Hey! Oh no, Emily, school already started! And you already have homework!!! Ah, that makes me worry about when I come back. I think school starts that week! Ah, and will not have done any math (except for count the number of lessons in a day) for 2 years! You will have to help me. And I think mom might have to go to my classes the first few days ha ha. I hope that is possible. Luh ya!
Happy Birthday Hannah! You will have to teach me/whoop me up in all of the new games and technology that has come out when I get home. P.s. I love you birthday girl!
Love you all,

Elder Hardy

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