Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

September 5, 2011

Hello Awesome Familia,

My week was Awesome. We did lots of stuff. The biggest things that happened are we had a baptism, and President Monestel came to visit and changed the Branch President on Sunday. But we got to eat dinner with him Saturday night, it was pretty nice.

I am doing great. I hope you liked the photos. I actually have about 4 4gb SD cards full of photos that I would like to send you.

Hey, but Felicidades to Grandma and Grandpa Weiler!!! 64th Wedding Anniversary! That is quite an accomplishment isn’t it? The tradition here is to buy silver plates when you hit 25 years and golden plates when you hit 50 years. And not too many people have them here so congratulations Grandma and Grandpa.

Say hi to all the family from me. I will try and think of some things that they can help send in a package. It is very nice of them.

Hey, and how was the Bingo Bango Bongo Game?!?! I am going to need a lot of practice when I return to get back into the competition!

Hey, you should eat the duck eggs!!! We don’t have a breakfast appointment so I decided to buy eggs. I bought a big carton of like 30 and it almost lasted the whole week. But the eggs here are different... they aren’t the pure white steroid enhanced eggs I was used to ha ha.
Why were we wearing white shirts on PDay? Ha ha, oh well, on PDay we still wear white shirts and ties the whole day, unless you are doing something that you just can’t wear a tie to do. But since we were just going to take photos by the rock I figured I would wear the tie. Ha ha even though, we went back on a trail by a creek and got lost in the jungla. So it probably would have been better in normal clothes there haha.
My favorite snacks? Bueno, this is always tuff for me. Ha ha but at least I have learned that I don’t have to have personal revelacion before I make all the miniscule decisions. God blessed me with an intelligent brain that can decide what snacks I like. And there is actually a lot less stuff here in Bluefields than there in Managua. We have like one supermarket, and it doesn’t have anything ha ha. That is why I am only eating pure eggs for breakfast.
So, as far as the drink flavors, we will just talk in powders right? Really my favorite Gatorade flavor is grape. I always like the Smiling Back Goldfish. I do like the jerky, but the Latinos aren’t too fond of it so maybe something else. I do really like those nature valley bars, I think the oats and honey were my favorite. You know what would be great with my egg omelet in the morning is a bag of bacon bits ha ha. Kind of random.
Really, without fail, the cliché classic send your Elder a tie is Awesome. You can never go wrong with a tie. I have actually grown to be quite fond of them. Ha ha I think I have achieved the goal to be able to wear a different tie everyday for the change... ha ha ha and I even like the ugly ties.
The great thing is you don’t have to worry about being pretty as a missionary, just look respectable. So the "Grandpa ties" are really in for me. And a tie is something I always like to give my comp before we separate, but the majority of my comps don’t like grandpa ties, they like the stylish sleek ties. Well, remind me next time if I thought of anything else.
The funniest thing that happened to me this week was probably last Monday. Because lots of funny things happen. But from the side of gringo jokes and funny things happening with bolos (drunks) on the street (they are pretty funny) I can only remember Monday.
When we were taking pictures by the creek, we took a picture that looks like my comp is pushing me in the water. As I was leaning back for the photo and I slipped! I almost fell in but at the last second I grabbed my comp (ha ha) and he went flying over the top of me and almost fell in too but jumped and saved himself on a little rock and I did a spider man move to balance myself on the rocks laying down on my back. We didn’t fall in. (Water is bad for Elders). Everyone was like wow, what just happened, and we laughed.

Challenges? Hey, I really am doing Awesome ha ha I wasn’t joking! Of course the mission isn’t the color of roses (cliché phrase here: that the life isn’t "el color de rosa") But it really is Awesome. It’s the best time in my life right now.

I am learning lots and gaining many many attributes of Christ. Really any challenges or difficulties that come my way all get blown away (ha ha even though it might not be easy), because I have a testimony, I understand why I am here, and I love all my brothers and sisters that are around me, therefore I must do my absolute best so that I can be a worthy vessel of the Lord to bless them. So everything is Awesome.
If you really want to know one of the challenges más grandes (larger) that I have found in my mission, it would definitely have to be trying to help other missionaries that haven’t quite yet understood why they are here yet. But you just need to have patience, humility and love and try to be a good example and everything works out. 
No, I don’t have to pay the rent. Since we live in a house with the other companionship they are receiving the money for the house. It is 3 hundred dollars each month for the rent. It is pretty expensive here. Usually it has to be less than 100 per companionship, but they justified it this time because there used to be 3 companionships. We have to pay the energy bill too. Which is like 300 cords each month. But we have become quite energy efficient.
Am I learning Miskito or Creole? Ha ha ha kind of.  I haven’t really talked to enough people that speak Miskito. But Creole is cool. It is pretty much a really slanged version of English. They usually understand me if I speak English. And I can understand most of it when they talk.
Hannah's Question: Did you see any snakes on your Jungle Cruise?
No, only the Hippos! And the tour guide had to shoot his pistol to scare them away! Ha ha no. But I did see a big tortoise on a log in the river! But we passed it too fast and I couldn’t take a picture.
But sounds like the family is doing great. Dad, if you get Jacob all riled up, you have to tire him out before you stop! haha. I hope the campout was fun.
Hey Mom, congratulations on your following. I guess you are famous now. But what does it mean when the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers ask you to speak? Thanks for praying for me mom. Hey, can you pray that me and my comp. can be more unified and find more families to teach? Family baptisms are pretty hard to find here. I love you so much my mom
Hmm, well say hi to Alexis for me. But if she doesn’t have any homework she has time to write, right? ha ha. I love her too.
Hey!!! I can’t wait to get the letters from the Young Women!!! How is school going Emily? It is good to hear that the football team is doing good. I luh you.
Hey Hannah. I am glad the quack is good. And yes of course I still have the silly band you gave me. It is my lucky charm. P.s. I love you.
Thanks for the news family, I hope you all have a great week.
Don’t forget to pray for us here in Bluefields! I am praying for you guys.
Elder Hardy

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