Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

September 19, 2011

Ha ha ha ha is this a REAL moose photo?

(Sue's Note: This is the moose photo
we sent him from our hike.
And yes, this is a REAL moose.)

I’m sorry but ever since the last Yellowstone trip (that I went to) I will doubt every moose photo for the rest of my life. You should have had Hannah in the photo too to prove it. And even so, how do I know it’s not a horse with a bump on its back haha... But sounds like the hike was fun, thanks for the pictures. Hannah is already really big isn’t she...?

Hey and GOOO UTES!!! Ha ha I am glad to hear about Emily. But ouch that wasn’t very nice to Dad (to change from being a BYU fan to a UTAH fan).


Yeah, I will send my chips in "la bolsa" (the bag) to the mission office. I don’t think anyone will touch it on the way, and the Elders in the office are my friends. Ha ha the Secretary Elder Fabricous will take care of them for me. Ha ha I can’t take during changes, because plane tickets are expensive so I have to stay here... Oh! But I could send it with those that have changes! That is really nice of Brother and Sister Bentley. Are you sure that it is not going to be too big of a pain for them?

Ha ha I know it was Día de la Independencia, same for all of Central America. But we didn’t get to see the celebrations. Here in Bluefields they have all the schools do marching bands and dance. But it was in the morning in the park and we didn’t go. But it was cool. We didn’t do anything special.

Yes, this week is Changes and my companion Elder Gaitan has transfers. I was answering this question when I realized that he could take the SD cards to Managua. It was a good change with Elder Gaitan, I think we helped each other a lot, and we also helped 6 people come to the waters of baptism. I hope he gets to go to a good area with a great companion to keep up the good work.

I will look for a photo of just me and Elder Gaitan. Or take one before he leaves!

Well, this week started with the Vela and Funeral (seeing and funeral) of Harold Blass. I was very impacted by the faith of his family. As well as with the influence of being a representative of Jesus Christ.

Monday was the Vela, and we only passed by to pay our respects and comfort President and his family and then go. (It’s called a vela because everyone stays up all night). When we got there, we waited to talk to President and when he saw us he got up and asked us to go to another room with him. He was waiting the whole time for us to show up so we could give him a blessing.

The next day at the Funeral, during the procession to the cemetery, (everyone walks in front of the car with the casket to the cemetery) the President asked that the order be first the family, then the missionaries, then the presidencies of the branches and then everyone else. I am very touched by the love the people have here for us.

Ha ha well I have never seen a movie theater here. So I don’t know what movies they play. But I doubt it, because in the street stores they have big shelves of copied DVDs and they are like a dollar each (not that I have bought any, or looked at any). And I don’t think we are ever going to go to one. Ha ha but when we were eating dinner, I heard someone casting spells on the television in the other room and had to close my ears and go lalalalala. But I imagine that Harry Potter is coming out isn’t it...

Oh I am sorry Hannah. You take a sick day then. But no I haven’t ever been very sick at all here in the mission. And I am very thankful to our Heavenly Father for that, He has protected your big brother very well. Feel Better!

Hey Dad! Um, I would test out the bike before you go... ha ha I seem to remember faintly that there MIGHT be a problem with the front tire and the back alignment... ha ha. And it doesn’t have shocks either so it gives you a good massage if you are going on a bumpy trail.

Congratulations about the DUP mom ha ha. I didn’t know you have been a DUP member for 12 years! ha ha ha

Hey, Alexis wrote me an Email!!! But he was from BYU... well there’s your problem ha ha just kidding.

Hey Emily, your creativity amazes me. Very good work. But why is a senior asking you to homecoming? Xander is a questionable name.

Tell Hannah that Ps I love her.

I love you All,

Elder Hardy

Ps Go Utes!


Alexis said...

You didn't tell me about the real moose...

Sue said...

It's real. I promise.

Claybourne Home said...

WOW Elder Hardy's faith has grown so much. His "Go Utes" wishes sent them to a 52 - 10 victory over the cougs - Nice Job :)
It is cool to see your blog, when you are old and fat like me you will really appreciate all the work your mom put into creating this for you.
I am so proud of the great missionary you and and the great example you are to me. Keep tearing it up.
PS - i am starting to get into rugby, i take back all my disparaging remarks, that is a tough sport!