Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

September 26, 2011

Más Querida Familia,

Sounds like everyone had a good week! Dad told me you guys ate chicken heart! ha ha. Congratulations to Alexis for her try-out. And I wish Emily and Hannah could be here to teach me more piano. I am thinking about buying a toy piano so I can practice in the house.

My new Companion? Ha ha ha well I have a funny story about that. So Elder Gaitán left Tuesday afternoon in a plane to Managua. And Wednesday our new companion came in a plane at about 2 o’clock. His name is Elder Nybo!!! A chele from Logan.

What is even awesomer is that he came with me on the plane to Nicaragua. He sat right next to me! He was my airplane buddy. So I was astonished that President sent me a gringo. I was actually a little worried too because Elder Nybo is pilas (strong) and maybe President lost his confidence in me or something so he sent a pilas elder to be my comp.

So this end of the week has been one of the best weeks every. Elder Nybo is a great Elder and was willing to do everything we had to do to work as hard as we could in our area. The past couple of days have been some of the best we have had in Bluefields. And we put a baptismal date with an awesome family and they came to church yesterday! ha ha almost too good to be true right? ha ha well yeah.

Saturday, I called Elder Heward our AP to ask him a question about our phone. Well, he asked me how was my new comp. and I said "Awesome, Elder Nybo and I are working really hard." And he said, "Oh... Elder Hardy, I have to tell you something..." Ha ha and I knew what he was going to say.

Well it turns out due to the communication block here in Bluefields, we never found out that Elder Nybo was supposed to be Elder Jimenez´s comp and Elder Lopez was supposed to switch over to my area and be my comp ha ha.

Well, I thought us two together was a weird companionship, too powerful ha ha. No, but I am glad to have Elder Lopez as my companion and we are going to work just as hard. And Elder Nybo is going to help a lot in the other Branch I am sure.

So my REAL companions name is Elder Hans Bladimir López Garcia he is from Guatemala and has 9 months in the mission I think. Oh and a big coincidence. He is my Brother! Ha ha of the mission. Elder Coj trained him right after our two changes together.

The work is going great. Like I said, we have a very positive progressing family and a couple more on the way. Yes there are a couple of really cool members that like to help us. One is named Francisco. He has about 3 months as a member and is already the honorary secretary of the branch. I say honorary because technically he can’t be it because he only has 16 years!

An awesome experience happened yesterday. Well, it started Friday when we contacted one more family before going home for the night. We passed by a green house with the door open, I saw inside as we passed by on our way home (missionaries are very nosy). I saw a man inside and I felt like we should go back and try to talk to them.

So we did, and ended up getting to know and teach a little lesson to the family. The man I saw was the dad and he actually kind of ran away from us, but we got the chance to invite him along with his family to church Sunday. The weird thing was that even though he was least positive of the family, he came to church.

I was impressed because we only even talked to him once and left a pamphlet. We went back to his house later Sunday and he came out set up some chairs and a table and asked us, "Would you like to eat before or after the lesson?" Ha ha so he gave us a little dinner and then we taught him. He had read the entire pamphlet and opened it up to the first vision part pointed to it and said, “I liked this part most...”.

Wow, so in the end we challenged him to prepare to be baptized and he willingly accepted. The only objection he said was that he didn’t know when his work would be and if it fell on the day of the baptismal service if he could do it the day before. Ha ha so that was a good lesson.

Last Pday or the Pday before that we built a house. Ha ha. Well we helped put the roof on. (I helped pass up the tin laminas, no I did not climb up the roof to nail them in.)

What do members do for a living here? Fish. No, that’s not true. That’s what most people do, or the work on cruise ships every couple of months. Presidente Blass has a fruit and vegetable store. Presidente Martinez works for the government like a supervisor of the traffic control or something. Stuff like that.

A bike? NEVER, will I get to ride a bike. And I am bummed. "This is not a bike mission." That’s what president told me when I asked him for one ha ha. The place in my last photo is in the Alcaldia de Bluefields. The City Hall or something like that. But no, it’s not my bike in my photo. We are not allowed to touch bikes.

Hannah asked how far we walk every day. Ha ha lots and lots Hannah. But it is fun. And good exercise. I think that is what is keeping me from getting fat. But I think we walk less here than in Monte Fresco. But there are still lots of hills.

Thanks for the Journal entries Dad.

Thanks Mom. It sounds like bowling and everything is going good. Say hi to Grandma and Grandpa for me, they still have to hold on a long time for me. Hey I want a pumpkin if there is an extra!!! You could carve a missionary name tag in it!

Hmm, Emily, why is school just "alright I guess" huh? Ha ha and even more questionable that he is a Canadian boy. Is he a member? Ha ha that is funny you have to do another float!!! ha ha I luh ya. Good luck with the piano recital and dance.

Wow, riding your bike to school Hannah? Lucky. I am jealous. I wish I had a bike. Keep up the good work in school. P.s. I love you!


Elder Hardy

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