Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

September 12, 2011

Dear Mother Honey, Family... and all of you,

(Sue’s note: I call him Jonny Honey sometimes that's why he is calling me Mother Honey. I can’t help it. That’s what mom’s do :)

This week was a very good week but also a very sad week. Good because the missionary work is going forward, and here in Bluefields we understand the Plan of Salvation that God has given us.

But very sad, because the son of the Recent Branch President (was released the week before) had an accident. There is a boxing club here in Bluefields for all the kids. One of the sons (they are twins) of President was in a boxing match, and everything was normal when the match ended.

But a couple minutes later they found him unconscious. We found out a few hours later and went to the hospital to give him a blessing. But they wouldn’t let us in because he was in the emergency room. But his Family was already there and his Dad had given him a blessing. He was in a coma I think, and passed all Saturday night without responding.

Sunday they sent him to Managua, but we found out today that he didn’t recover. It is very sad, but very touching to see the small Branch here uniting to comfort the family.

The good thing is, President Blass is a very faithful member. And while all the Branch here is very sad, they all have hope, because they understand God´s plan, and that this family can return to be together, forever. If you could say a little prayer for the Familia Blass, that would be nice.

Well mom, we don’t teach lessons... we teach people. Ha ha but to answer the question we try to have unity as we teach. It always seems like the Latinos talk more, (Spanish is their first language), but at this point the language is not a barrier at all, and everything I want to express I can. My companion actually knows quite a bit of English... or Creole (one of the two) and when people talk to us in Creole he tries to participate too and does a pretty good job.

Hey, you are in luck! FINALLY, I got to try a more traditional Bluefields dish. Rondón. Ha ha it is tortoise! With a couple of other things, and gallo pinto with cocoa! It was really good... although there was one piece (only one piece, ok!) that I couldn’t quite stomach. It was Sunday afternoon and I hadn’t eaten anything, and I was feeling a little stomach sick. But I think it was a big vein or something, but it was super hard and chewy and with the seasoning it had I thought best just to leave it there.


(Sue note: Rondón is the traditional plate of the city of Bluefields. It is prepared with tortoise meat, fish, beef, or wild boar. Often they combine two of these meats. In the preparation, they boil the meat with pepper, chile, nargan (mushroom), onion, chiltoma (sweet pepper), banana, yucca and quequisque tuber).

Bugs? No, no I don’t get bit too much. Maybe they have just gotten used to me. I would have put up the net anyway, but my Comp. didn’t want to. But mosquitoes are not a problem.

Hey thanks a lot for your prayers! I know you helped. We actually did find a new family. Well, I think we contacted them last week, but they weren’t very positive. They are investigating another church, and had a lot of questions and doubts and didn’t really want a return cita.

BUT, when we passed this week, there was a significant change in their attitudes. They were much more accepting, and we taught them about a few questions they had, (like how Jesus Christ is Jehovah) and they were a lot more excited for us to come the next time. So thank you for your prayers, ha ha please kept it up!

Well, last night we had a really spiritual experience. One of the most pilas (strong) members in the ward didn’t come to church. Hey is our recent convert so we went to see what was up. (I don’t think he has missed a Sunday since he got baptized, and he has a calling in the Branch).

When we went to talk to him, at first he seemed pretty normal. But as we started a lesson, we could tell something was wrong. That’s when my companion asked him to turn to a scripture and read it out loud. Well, he didn’t want to read it out loud, but as he read it to himself, he started to cry.

Turns out the scripture really hit the spot, and my companion continued with a few more of his favorite scriptures and everyone was crying. Well in the end he was really disanimated, and is going through some personal trials.

I am grateful to have a companion that was able to follow the spirit in that moment and help share with that young man what the Lord wanted him to hear. When we walked out of there, our friend was a lot more happy and had been comforted. And is going to continue being pilas preparing to serve a full time mission for the Lord.

Yes Hannah, I do see pirate ships! But now days they have motors too! Ahh.

The corn in Nicaragua? Excellent question Grandma! Well yeah, it’s a little different. It isn’t as big. But it still tastes pretty good, (Not as good as your corn Grandma) but they sell it on the cob in the streets boiled or grilled and it’s called "elote". That is great that the corn harvest is here. I wish you could send me some to do a comparison.


Hey Dad, take it easy, I didn’t know you could run 6 miles. That’s too bad that you don’t have any journal this week. I have to confess to you Dad I have been slacking off on my journal writing too. But I am determined to do better. Maybe I can remember some stuff that I haven’t written too and write it down.

Ha ha ha I LOVED hands on science at Highland Park. You have to do it cool mom! But don’t hurt anyone. It is hard to do a lot of stuff with the little kids. I remember one time we held hands in a circle to connect a current and light a light bulb. And one of my friends touched the metal chalk board stand (which we were told not to do) and everyone got zapped. Ha ha.

Good luck with the U vs. BYU game too Mom. I still have my U of U football here. Maybe I will carry it around in my bag Saturday ha ha.

...Make Alexis "Walk the Plank"

(For not sending her brother an email. But alas, she got one to him while he was still signed in to his account! Cutting it a little close matey! :)

Wow Emily, sounds like dance is going great! Good luck Friday!

Hannah! Congratulations on being Molly Mouse again this year, you stage Diva. (Thanks for sending me an email)

Love you,

Elder Hardy



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