Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

October 10, 2011

Gracias por el correo!

Wow, that is awesome that the Woodruffs came over for lunch on Sunday! You guys got to get to know them before I did! That would be neat if Elder Woodruff went to BYU. That reminds me that I have to go to school when I get home... Nah I don’t want to think about that right now.

Something funny that happened with me and my companion this week was when we were in Juigalpa. We were walking around a little bit lost looking for a place to eat and we passed this old museum. We looked in from outside the gate curiously for a sec. There was an old guard sitting by the gate and he told us to come in. He said there was a bunch of cool and freaky stuff in the museum and that we could go check it out. We said sure and went in.

Finally, I thought that we were doing something culturally edifying on Pday... well, we walked in and the receptionist looked up surprised as if we were the first visitors they had received in a couple months. We look around and it had a bunch of animals on display... deformed animals. There was like a three legged, two headed goat, a dog with like three eyes and two mouths, a cyclops hamster, a devil looking fish and well stuff like that. Ha ha the point is it creeped me out.

Luckily, I found some cool stuff like ancient bowls and corn mills the Lamanites had used. And some stuff like swords from the Spanish. Well the point in why it was funny is because I tried to do something edifying on Pday with my comp and I ended up being all freaked out the rest of the night.

(I sent some pictures of the cool stone carvings outside that caught (and tricked) my attention, I didn’t take any photos of the stuff inside...) (But my comp did if you want to see them tell me)

So my companion is a convert to the church. He and a few of his siblings joined the church when he was 15 (he is 21 now.) A great story about his family that he told me is that while he has been in the mission, his mom finally got baptized. I always like to ask him, after we go to write, how his family is doing. He tells me that they are doing great and his mom now has a very strong testimony in the Gospel.

I cleaned the FRIDGE!!! Ha ha yes, who knows how many years that fridge has passed in the house of the Elders in Bluefields without being cleaned. But it smelled bad so I finally did it today. And I did it good too.

Well this week was full of a lot of lessons macheteing families about the Law of Chastity. And some of them were pretty good. Lots of lessons about the Word of Wisdom too ha ha. But a lesson that I liked a lot was one that in the beginning didn’t seem like it was going to go well at all.

We were teaching a family of young adults. Brothers, sisters and a girlfriend that lives with them. So it is a little harder to keep them all focused and keep the spirit there (plus I was on divisions with a Priest in the ward). But even though I didn’t think the lesson went all that well, the young girlfriend proved me wrong. I managed to encourage her to say the closing prayer and it was great. She did it perfectly and asked Heavenly Father for help so that they could get married, and get baptized. She was very sincere and managed to change my entire attitude about them. I walked out of the house very pleased.

Ha ha oh Mom, the Ducks made you get a cortisone shot. Well at least it isn’t torn. I imagine that after looking at your joint and tendons they told you to stretch more right? You should reactivate your Wii Fitness account. Or is that totally out of date by now?... Well, I hope you feel better.

So the ducks aren´t going to fly the coop for winter? Hey, do you guys cut their wings so they can´t fly? Would they fly away or would they stay home?

Well, sounds like everyone is doing good. Keep praying that mom´s arm gets better. Hey our friends are coming to Managua soon right? I will try to send the chips this week in the bag.


Elder Hardy

ps. I love you

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