Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!! I hope it is fun tonight!

Wow, over 100 candy bars, that’s a house you have to mark on the map to go back to next year!

The Jack ´O Lanterns are awesome!!! Thank you for doing one for me, it looks great. And I have to guess who did the other ones. But it is going to be hard. I was going to say that Emily of course did the Ballerina, but I looked at the pumpkins and now I’m not sure. Because I was looking at the actual pumpkins and it would seem to me that Emily would be more likely to pick the second pumpkin with the Witch and Hannah the first. So I say that Hannah´s is the Ballerina, Emily did the Witch and Dad did the Owl. How did I do? And who helped with my Pumpkin?

Sue's note: Owl: Alexis, Witch: Hannah,
Ballerina & Elder Hardy: Emily

Sounds like an Awesome Ward Halloween Party. I’m jealous we didn’t do anything here. Great work Dad, of course I still remember when we did that in elementary school. I think Rob made a recording if I remember and Zach was in cahoots with me so he went first and made a huge act when he got to the ¨right hand.¨ And nobody believed him until they did it. I am pretty sure there was a girl crying in the corner and Taylor Gunst was trying to make up explanations like, "Oh its one of those mechanical hands that grabs you when you touch it."

Right now outside? OK! It´s raining. There are people walking by with umbrellas and some no (it´s not raining that hard). Also taxis pass by every few seconds. It’s kind of dark for it to be 3:00 PM but that’s to be obvious because it is raining. The store in front is green... and there is a guy standing in the door leaning on the door frame with a bag in his hand, oh he walked away.

I don’t have to worry about anyone outside seeing me looking at them because I am actually quite far away from the door (the door is glass and is the only "window" I can look out of). But I think the person working at the front desk might think I am crazy because I keep standing up to see above the division walls in between the computers like a prairie dog...

Do the members and investigators have a hard time pronouncing Elder Hardy? No, not really, once they get it. But at first lots of people always say "Elmer Harvey" and then I explain another time and they say oh, "Elder Harvey" Ha ha. Sometimes to help people remember I use the example of Hardy is like Jardín, (Garden in Spanish) and that you just have to take off the N.

The big majority religions in Bluefields are Catholic, Moravian and lots of different Evangelical Churches. Ha ha, well I haven’t seen any Voodoo people but an old investigator one time was telling us that his mom does voodoo and that she has a black book. Never got to get to know her.

The aspect of the Gospel that brings the most peace to me? Mercy. Really the most important aspect of the Gospel is the Atonement. And that is what I want to say when I say Mercy. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, I can repent and be clean and worthy to enter into the Celestial Kingdom one day. Through the Mercy and Love of Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ I can make it, even though I know I can’t be perfect and make it on my own. That is why it gives me so much peace.

It would be like taking a really hard physics test. God the Father is the Professor. Jesus Christ is the Professors assistant (in this case his son too) and is like God the Professor too because he helped make the test and is going to grade my test in the end. So I am taking the test and even though I studied my best and am trying my best, I make a mistake. (And you have to get 100% on the test to pass the class).

And I realize it only after I make it and it is too late. Mercy is like the Assistant telling us as we take the test that he knows we are going to get wrong answers but he is going to give us the second chance and is going to help us correct our tests and if we have (faith) in him he will help us get 100 if we really try our best. I can imagine the relief and (peace) that would give me during a college Physics test to really know that was true.

Well, I think that maybe you can make a little sense of the example. I would definitely refine it, explain it better and make sure there isn’t any apostasy before I would give it in a ward talk.

A McDonald’s in Bluefields? Ha ha, no Hannah, not here. The only big franchise restaurant they have here is Tip Top (aka KFC) ha ha. Well we usually eat the normal Nicaragua food in our food appointment. But one time we went to eat tortoise (still feel guilty) and we went to eat pizza today. Sometimes we have gotten to eat really good fresh sea food soups of like shrimp, fish, crab, and squidys.

Hey, but you didn’t ask me about changes!!! Yes changes are this Wednesday, and... I have changes!!!!

NO!!!!! Ahh, I thought it would be impossible for me to have changes this time. I wanted to stay here until at least after Christmas. But that’s how it is, the Lord has called me to serve in another place and I know that it will be where I should be. And that there are people waiting for me there. I will just have to wait very anxiously for the email from Elder Lopez that says that the families we are teaching right now got baptized. I will probably head out in airplane tomorrow afternoon. Ha ha adios Bluefields!

Thanks Dad, I will try and write Blake, that would be nice. Hey, you all better keep practicing while you have the chance, Because the UNO Champ will be back to claim his seat in no time. (But not soon, maybe Mom will have the chance to catch up :-) ) Ha ha love you Dad.

The activities sound awesome Mom. Good luck with Thanksgiving and the mashed potatoes. I love you sooo much awesome Mom!

Emily! You have a friend crayon who is named Emily too! No way what a coincidence! I luh you.

Oh no Hannah! Wait, was this MY phone!?.... ha ha just kidding. Well I am sorry Hannah, I hope it shows up, but I pray for you every night too! Ps I love you!

Happy Halloween everyone!


Elder Hardy

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