Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

February 6, 2012

Hey Gringlandias!

That is awesome that you are sending the Greenie Package. I hope he gets it. I will try and explain it to him. Sounds like some cool object lesson that you are going to send us. That will be perfect for training and maybe even for District Meetings.

Elder Batz and I don’t have too many photos, we have been pretty busy this week. I had Leader Council on Wednesday, Interviews on Thursday and Zone Conference on Friday. Ha ha so we have been packed. But we will take more photos. The photos I sent are a human pyramid we did in the Interview Conference to show why "Fundamentals" are so important.

We had a good experience yesterday. So sometimes in the mission you just have one of those days. You know, when it seems like everything is going bad. People reject you, all your appointments fall, your backpack starts getting heavy and your feet hurt and it seems like nothing is going right. Here in Nicaragua it’s called un día Salado. A "Salty" day. 

Well, yesterday was a pretty "Salty" day. We got up and left the house extra early to go pass by our families to make sure the adversary didn’t throw anything in the way so that they wouldn’t come to church. But in short, we ended up having extra time on our hands before church started. We even found one family (our most positive for being baptized this month) in the street on the way to their house. 

But our one family was dressed up and everything and we asked them where they are going, church doesn’t start for another 2 hours. And they told us that the family had called with work and so they were going to another city for the day to work. And then they told us they were talking and that they decided that they didn’t want to talk to us anymore. So we shared our testimonies and gave them the special edition Liahona about the Book of Mormon that we brought for them.

In short, not all the families came to church and for the rest of the day all of our appointments fell and we were pretty salty. BUT, in spite of that, we didn’t lose hope and decided we needed more faith. And we decided that we needed to find a new family before going to eat dinner and we did it!

We found a really nice new family, we explained why we were there and they invited us in. We talked about the plan of salvation with them and it turns out that the missionaries even lived in the house of the grandma a couple years ago. It was great. And at Dinner we decided that instead of getting "salted" we needed to be the Salt of the world and keep finding chosen families. Because when the life gives you rice and beans... you got to make Gallo Pinto.

Um, yeah I think I’ve had companions celebrate birthdays while we were together, but only with one or two. I think with Elder Valenzuela we went to eat pizza. You know with most of my compañeros their birthdays have not been in our time together (max time together has been 3 months).

Yes, President kept me as the District Leader. Which makes a little more work. Especially because I do divisions with the district and Elder Batz is still getting to know the area. In our District are Elder Muzo and Elder Nielson (Zone Leaders) Elder Hardy and Elder Batz, Elder Buc (training) and Elder Bray (New, from California), Elder Burrola and Elder Reyes, and the Sisters Hermana Vasquez and Hermana Rivas.

Sick days? NO!!! There are no sick days. I have been great. And with my new compañero we even did exercise today and we are planning to keep it up.

Hannah asked if I have had any jungle diseases? Ha ha no never anything too weird. The worst Jungle disease that I have gotten is the Picazón. Or the "Itches." Ha ha but that just means I should probably wash my sheets, put my mattress in the sun and put baby powder where it itches after taking a shower. But the worst I have heard of is that of a missionary getting is Dengue Fever. That’s no fun. But here where I am there aren’t many mosquitoes.

Hey I love you so much, thanks for the updates and the great object lesson Idea. I think I am going to use it tonight.


Elder Hardy

ps I love you

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