Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

March 5, 2012

Hey Dad, 

Thanks for sending the email. I am sorry to hear that everyone has been sick. It´s funny because this weekend I got hit with the "Chitarro" (I´m thinking that pretty much means the common cold). Ha ha I was fine. I was able to deal with it but it was a little annoying in all of our lessons Friday and Saturday with a super runny, stuffy nose. 

Ha ha Friday I bought a huge handkerchief and filled it with moco (mucus) every time I had the chance in order to be able to teach. The worst was that this Sunday was fast Sunday and the choir director didn’t come on time so they called me up to direct the hymns. Ha ha I was feeling pretty light headed trying to sing loud and keep everyone on time with the hymns. 

Hey that is awesome to hear that Jordan was ordained a Priest. ¿How many young men do you have Dad? (Priests, Teachers, Deacons). Maybe you could send a few extra Priests over here to help me out. 

That is neat that the Young Men are excited about planning Spiritual Activities like going to the Temple, sharing the Gospel and helping others in their conversion. It is pretty much the best way to help your own conversion and spiritual progression. Sounds like you’re doing a good job, Dad. 

FELICIDADES to Emily and Hannah for their Piano Recitals. They need to come here and play the hymns Sundays. Like I said, this Sunday, I directed the Hymns and Elder Muzo "played" the piano. But it is computerized and Elder Muzo just has to touch a key every beat to play. And so he got ahead in the opening hymn and didn’t know how to slow down to get back with the congregation and the stress almost killed me (remember I was sick and empty stomached too). I could use you guys! 

Hey we got a package! It was the little one for Valentine’s Day! Thank you so much, the tie is very artistic. The cartas (cards) were great, Happy Valentine’s Day! (haha, a month later!) 

Ha ha ha no no no. It wasn’t a bug in the pictures I last sent. I sent 2 pictures. You have to see what the difference is in between the two pictures (of the PLANT) ha ha. Try to see the difference before you read the answer: 

There is a really cool weed here in Jinotepe. The leaves are all spread out and sticking out. BUT if you touch it, it MOVES really fast and HIDES its leaves and shrinks. Ha ha so I tried to show it in a picture of before and after. 

(Sue's note: This plant is called the 
Mimosa pudica: The Sensitive Plant)

We had a GREAT lesson last week. We are teaching a Sacerdocio who is really Pilas. His name is Porfilio. He has come to Church now for three weeks straight. The thing is, is he is really evangelico. Which is great because he is going to be one of my most pilas converts because he has so much Zeal for the gospel. 

We have been teaching him a few times these last weeks but it is tuff to go through the lessons because he likes to talk about the gospel so much. But we decided we needed to teach him the entire restauracion before Sunday. But we were actually pretty nervous because we weren’t sure how he would react to the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith as a prophet, because he is so dedicated to the Bible. 

But we prepared ourselves and practiced and Saturday in the Night, we went to his house. And we gave one of the best lessons I have had in the Mish. (and my comp. said the best lesson he has had of the Restauration in his mission ha ha). 

It actually almost surprised me how he accepted immediately that Joseph Smith was the prophet that started the dispensation of the fullness of times (we focused on Gospel Dispensations, Apostasies and the Priesthood). And that the Book of Mormon, as a fruit of the restoration and the key of our religion could be true and he accepted to study and pray without delay. It was Amazing. 

Sacrament yesterday was excellent. I actually am a little nervous every first Sunday of the month as I show up with Investigadores. Because you never know what might be said up there when people start to share their testimonies ha ha. 

Sometimes investigadores can think bad with a great testimony, but that was focused much on Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and start thinking that Joseph Smith is our God and that the Book of Mormon is our Bible. (One of the reasons that it was very important to share with Porfilio the Restauration before Sunday). 

And the testimonies were great. I especially felt the spirit when I had the opportunity to share mine. The best part was that Porfilio stayed for all the meetings and said he had felt the spirit very strongly in Church today. 

Thank you for the updates and the questions, I have to go already! 

Feel better Mom! 

Love you all, 

Elder Hardy 

ps. I love you. 

pps Good Luck Emily with all that dancing!

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