Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

July 16, 2012

Hola Familia!!!

Wow sounds like you had fun at the Llama Festival!!! Ha ha well to answer Hannah´s question, I'm not actually sure if I have seen a Llama here in Nicaragua.  I asked my comp. if he has seen one and he asked me, "Que es una lama?" The word "llama" in Spanish means "flame". I don´t know how to say llama in Spanish. 

No! I did not have Changes! I´m going to die in San Marcos!!! With Elder Gomez still! Which is great, but at the same time it means I am going to have to import Souvenirs. 

Ha ha oh no! Elder Viehweg already had his homecoming!

My Plan for my last area: Invite others to come unto Christ, by helping them receive the Restored Gospel, through Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End.

In the Changes, we received 3 new District Leaders so we are going to have to train them and get them up to snuff for this change. Also, if anyone is going to be baptized this change they need to come to church... This Sunday. So pray very hard, we are too. 

We have also been planning to copy the missionaries of old like Ammon and his brothers... with lots of fasting.

We have several beautiful Families we are teaching, like the families of Erick and Sandra, Luis and Cristina, Daniel and Ivania, Felix and Mayra, Felix and Eda, Reinaldo and Magdalí, and Ramón and Aidalina. 

These are very special families to me and would be a miracle if we could be of some help in bringing them to the light and truth of the restored gospel and the waters of baptism (even better if it’s before I leave). 

Many are waiting for answers to their prayers about the Book of Mormon and all need the additional faith to come to Church and continue progressing spiritually.

Sounds like everything is going awesome!


Elder Hardy

ps I love you.

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