Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

July 23, 2012

Querido Familia,

Feliz Día de los Pioneros!!! Ha ha most Nicaraguenses don't know about Pioneer Day. Or the Days of 47´. But it was fun last year when we did a Pioneer Trek down the main roads of the biggest city in Nicaragua. Mormones locos. 

I think that if the floats of the next year aren’t better, they should ask the winner from the last year to ride their float again ha ha. Hey by the way, whatever happened to the float??? There’s not going to be a giant head of President Woodruff in my room is there? 

I guess I will try and find another camera before ending. Even though I kind of feel dumb buying another one now. 

Yes, my comp has a camera! And we took it today when we went to hunt Garrobos in the Jungla. 

(Sue's note: a Garrobo is an iguana) 

But my comp took one picture ha ha and it was of him posing with his onda ha ha ha. 

That’s right we went with some members to hunt savage beasts in the Jungle today with slingshots we made. It was pretty fun, and it was very beautiful. But we couldn’t find the Garrobos because it was too cold and not enough sun so the beasts were hidden in their caves. We almost got a squirrel (yes we were going to eat it) but he jumped trees and got away... 

We are on a 40 day fast of things that are holding us back from being the Best Missionaries ever! Not of food. And besides, you aren’t supposed to talk about how you are fasting. 

Yes, we have seen many fruits come to "fruition" from copying the secrets of the successful missionaries of the scriptures (for example Alma 17:2). Of many important things, my testimony of the power of fasting and prayer has increased dramatically. 

For example, one "fruition" is the miracle we have been able to witness with one brother and his wife. 

He is (was) a pastor in la Iglesia Nueva Apostolica, and despite the fact that he has come to church 3 times, we were very concerned that he might not complete his goal of being baptized this Saturday the 28th with his wife. 

The thing is, he loves the Church and he believes it is true and we have the Priesthood and everything. The only detail is that he has already been baptized and even received the gift of the Holy Ghost through imposition of hands... by an "apostol". 

We have taught him many times of the apostasy and the restoration, but it has been difficult. Thanks to the examples of the ancient missionaries, everything changed this last week and the spirit testified to him the truth. 

Yesterday, it was very hard for him to have the faith that he would be able to be baptized. He took out a card, signed by an apostle authorizing him to preach the gospel and explained that being baptized and joining the Church of Jesus Christ would mean that he would have to resign from his office in the other Church and make many changes in his life. 

It had never even occurred to me that by making the decision to be baptized would mean calling his “apostle” and explaining that he would be resigning from his calling and office because he was going to be baptized in the Mormon Church. It is a difficult thing. 

Time is running out. 

But in short, after a very spiritual message with our Presidente of Quorum of Elders, 

Felix decided to call and resign and be baptized with his wife this Saturday. 


Elder Hardy 

ps I love you

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