Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

August 13, 2012

Dear Family,

Hey! I don’t have too much time today!

I went to Jinotepe (with permission) to buy a camera. Ha ha and guess what?! It was 1,500 cordobas! (About $65) Half of what I was hoping for. It’s a GE 12.2 megapixel A1250. I think it was a pretty good deal. You can find anything cheap in the market.

Ha ha and you won’t believe what my comp bought! A pair of ECCO shoes, exactly the same as mine. We were looking at piles of used shoes in the paca today and I saw a familiar bottom of the shoe pattern. I pulled them out and they are identical except it’s the version without shoe laces. Wanna know how much they cost... 100. But not 100 dollars like mine did. 100 cordobas. I was so jealous.

So I will have to take a bunch of pictures this week.

Ahh man, we need to keep praying! Felix and Mayra need more time. And Omar and Juana couldn’t get married because the divorce case had a few hold ups :(

Ha ha ha the Minister, well he is still in the process. We had interviews with the President with all our Zone Tuesday. And after all the missionaries had finished, we asked the President and his Wife if they wanted to come with us to visit a few families. They said they would love to. So we took them to Felix and they talked.

The thing is they are worried about being baptized before they get everything taken care of with the other commitment. President told us afterward that it is a good thing that they take it so seriously and want to do things right, that means they will be very committed when they get baptized too. The only problem is that the meeting with the "Apostole" is in the first weeks of September...

Yes, I imagine that in his calling you might receive "un ayuda." He is also in charge of collecting the tithes of the congregation.

Ahh, we have had some very good lessons this week. There are two families, who are the most awesome families of all time that we are teaching now. The only thing that makes me sad is that we got to know them late the last 2 weeks of my mission.

The family of Rodolfo, Tania and their sons Rodolfo (15) and Marcelo (10) are so wonderful. We are pretty much trying to pass by with them everyday. Because they have a goal to be baptized as a family this Saturday. And they need to receive the answers to their prayers RIGHT NOW.

Ha ha they are ready and prepared, we are just praying with them (and they have decided to fast tomorrow) that they may receive an answer to their prayers through the Holy Ghost. I pray as well that it is God´s will that they receive an answer this week, because I know that they will know the Truth, be baptized and be an eternal family.

I am already sure. It’s just a question of if the Lord wants it to be this week that they enter the door. Well, I just don’t see why not. It’s a commandment to be baptized, and we must repent Today, not tomorrow. So if they are ready, I will be able to see them enter into the waters of baptism before coming home. That is the Most important thing on my mind right now.

There is another family, Cesar and his wife Kenia. And two little kids, William (most awesome kid I have known in mission (5 years old)) and Kenia (2 years old). So happy, we found them last week and Kenia came with William to church. Cesar stayed at home with Kenia jr. Because she got really sick. They will be baptized next month.

So to answer the question. With these two families and others we have had some really great, spiritual lessons.

Yes, Rodolfo and Tania came to church with Marcelo. And Kenia came with William. The best part was when the Primary entered the class (with Marcelo and William) and sang "If you’re happy and you know it" And the parents were soo happy. After they finished William yelled, "Mama! I like this song!" Ha ha she was going to have to leave early. But as she entered the Primary to take out William, he clamped on to the table and wouldn’t let go. And said he wanted to stay. Ha ha so she stayed for Relief Society too.

I love you,

See you Soon!

Elder Hardy

ps I love you.

(Requests for souvenirs in the next email please ha ha)

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