Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

May 16, 2011


We had a wedding on Saturday, it was nice. We bought a cake and everything. But they still have some more progress to do before they are baptized.

Our other baptisms did not happen this week. Unfortunately, our main family to marry and baptize had to leave Wednesday. They live very humbly and don’t have a job right now. So at the beginning of the week, a friend called them and told them that there was a job opportunity to go to San Juan Sur to build a house for a couple weeks and that they had to be waiting on the highway Wednesday morning or they would miss their chance.

He wanted to be able to fix the house they are living in for his family and buy shoes and everything so they decided to go. But when they come back in about a month, they say they are good to go.

Yes, we have changes this week. We found out today as we were doing a Zone activity in the Stake Center. But no, I am not getting changed. And I am very happy because we should have a couple families getting ready to be baptized here in the next month. Elder Valenzuela is changing which is too bad but we had a good time together.

People do lots of things for a living here. The men might be a guard for a store or a house. The women usually do something like sell tortillas or work domestically for a richer house. (But many times the women are stay at home moms).

Ha ha. Well, it finally came. And it came strong. It is officially winter here a.k.a rain every day time! I think it was Friday. We woke up and it was pretty overcast. We had our Zone Conference and District Meeting like usual. We came back and ate and left to work. Everything was normal.

We were at an investigator's house doing a little of on the spot service helping clean the front lawn. (Ha ha which means sweep the dirt, leaves and garbage into a pile and burn it). Then it started to drizzle. We got all the piles to light right before it started to fall faster. And before you know it, we were running inside the house for cover. After a little talk with them, we bravely left the house to go to a set appointment with a new family.

Ha ha the rivers of water had already started. I thought my bag was pretty water proof. Well, luckily they had a plastic bag I wrapped my scriptures in before putting them into my backpack. It rained almost the whole time we were out. And in the night I woke up a couple times from the thunder. Luckily the house we live in has a very good roof and I couldn’t find a single leak. It has rained every single day since. (Not the whole time everyday, still, but everyday)

So Rob sent me a package? Awesome, I will tell you when it comes. Maybe it is waiting at changes.

Yes, a family in the Canon caught an armadillo, and ate it.

It is great to hear Perry is doing good. I like the photo.

Ha ha good luck with the float, Mom, I think if Jose has the time he would love to help out. He is into all the engineering stuff.

Say congratulations to Nick Davis for me.

So Smallville finally turned into Superman huh. Well it’s about time. You will have to tell me when I get back if it is worth it to watch all the episodes.

Congratulations with being the new Dance Co. Historian Emily. That is neat. Take lots of pictures. And you should put a picture of me in the slide show... Just kidding

Neat service project Dad. Good luck golfing that is neat.

Hannah, Buena Suerte with your Piano Recital on Saturday! I know you will do great. Good work with the float. Ps I love you.

I love you so much!!!

Elder Hardy

P.S. I did not forget that Alexis didn’t write me.... that’s one less souvenir when I get back… :)

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