Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

May 2, 2011

Hey!!! Happy Mother´s Day! We will talk before I send my next email.

We are planning on calling at 2 o´clock P.M. I think I decided it is cheaper for us if I call. I also think that 2 pm here means 3 pm there or something.

Good luck with your "The Blessings of Having a Missionary" talk, Mom. Ha ha I hope there is enough material to talk about. A special message to the Ward would be to say:

Gracias por la ayuda y amor que me dieron que me ayudó prepararme ser un misionero y gracias por el amor y el apoyo que han dado y me dan todavía... y dar una referencia a los misioneros en el barrio... y si no tienen uno, ayunar y orar preparar una... y si no conocen los misioneros, conocerles.

(Thanks for the help and love that you have given me that helped me prepare to be a missionary and thanks for the love and support you have given and still give me ... and give a referral to the missionaries in the ward ... and if you don’t have a referral, fast and pray for one ... and if you don’t the missionaries, get to know them).

Ha ha oh yeah and I feel fine. The ROUS was pretty good.

Yes, the Sister Missionaries came to our area. Ha ha and they are Pilas! (Word used to say they are really hard workers, energized, etc. I can’t think of an exact translation right now.) They work really hard and always contact more families and everything than the rest of the District.

(Note from Sue: We asked Jonny what the Mission Goals are and if he has to keep records. The people, of course, are more important than numbers but the Mission still has goals to keep them motivated).

Yes, of course we keep records. We count our numbers at the end of every night and give them to our District Leader over the phone. And every Sunday, we total the week and give that too. But President Monestel has changed our numbers a little bit to focus more on what is most important to us, Families. We only count a baptismal date, lesson, contact, new investigator, reference etc. if it is with a family.

I mean, we still count all the others and they are important. But if you teach 5 lessons with a member present but none of them were with a husband and wife, when you tell your District Leader that night it is still a 0. The standards of excellence that the President set every day with families are at least 1 baptismal date (of a family), 3 lessons with member, 2 without member, 2 references received and contacted, 2 new investigators (2 new families), 2 recent converts, 1 less active, and 7 contacted families.

Each week we also send how many people came to church, and how families are progressing. (We are supposed to have 5 progressing families, which for us means they have come to church at least once in the past 2 weeks and have an active baptismal date).

It is a challenge to meet the Standards of Excellence each day and week, especially to get 5 families coming to church. But I want to be a missionary of excellence and so I am working really hard to bring this area up to snuff.

Well, we went to the Colonia, it is like the American grocery store here. I even found bacon!!! But I didn’t get it because I thought it might ruin the iron. But maybe next time I will and ask the family we live with to cook it in the morning.

Well, my compañero is now the Leader of the District! Unfortunately, something bad happened in the other town in our District and they had to take out the missionaries there for their safety. It seems like I have been called to train District Leaders ha ha. I say that because each one of my companions has started being a new DL with me. Ha ha but I am still the Junior Comp.

Well, it rained for the first time this week. It seems like the lightning is louder here. The rainy season starts this month they tell me. I am super excited to see how it is in the Cañon here while it is raining. They told me it is about up to your knees, we will see.

Yes, I am going to mail home my photo cards. I would also like to know the laws of sending a package from Nicaragua to USA and what restrictions there are.

Good work, artist Dad.

Good luck with Sunday, Mom. Don’t cry too much.

Y Felicidades a Alexis!!! Going to graduate from the U! That’s great, Alexis, congratulations.

You asked about fútbol? Well, they had a Madrid vs. Barcelona game recently that everyone was excited about. But not too crazy. I have only seen a few fist fights in the street when people have gotten mad playing street fútbol.

Emily, the President said we need to look more mature and always do our hair to the side. None of this ski slope stuff. But yes, I need a haircut.

Congratulations about your video, Hannah! That sounds awesome. P.S. I love you

Love you all, I can’t wait to talk to you,

Elder Hardy

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