Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. ~Alma 37:6

December 12, 2011

Oh no,

Uncle Bruce had a heart attack. Oh it makes me so sad to hear that. That’s good that Dad could go with Grandma and Grandpa to be with Aunt Annette and help comfort her. I hope she is doing ok. We will pray for her and the family here too.

The thing that actually makes me really happy is to have read their testimonies that they sent me. I still have them and I know that with their testimonies in our Lord Jesus Christ and in the Plan of Salvation everything will be ok. Please give Aunt Annette a hug and a kiss from me too Dad.

Oh, that’s too bad that they changed out President Fuhriman and the Stake Presidency before I got back. But hey, it will be ok still because President Newbold is Stake President now. You know he did my missionary interview before the mission anyway.

Tell Grandma and Grandpa Hardy Muchas Gracias por el regalo de Navidad! I will be sure to do something fun with my companion.

Hey I don’t know if I have the package yet. I image que sí. But they will give it to my zone leaders in changes Wednesday.

We get an hour to write now. Including 15 minutes writing to the Presidente. So... 45 minutes.

For the Christmas call, if you want to do it Christmas Eve that’s ok too. Tell me the best time for you guys next email and I will make sure it’s ok. Ahh! It is already the Last Christmas Call!

Our week was great!! Me and my comp are getting along great. We are finding chosen families and teaching the gospel. We had three investigadores in church yesterday.

One was a guy that tracked me down outside the church and asked me for money for a "fresco" and I told him that I didn’t have and fresco to offer him. But that if he drank a fresco he would thirst again. But if he came inside and learned about Jesus Christ and the gospel he would never thirst again. He came inside and sat down for sacrament meeting! ha ha.

My shoes are doing ok. I say they will last the mission. My backpack is a little torn at the shoulder, but that is easy to fix in the market. My glasses have nice battle scars, and I would like a new pair just to mix things up. But they have glasses stores here in Jinotepe, and I am starting to use contacts again every once in a while because President said I could.

Hey! Well I don’t know how much stuff Elder Sessions has bought already. But you know what recommendation I would give for shoes? The Eccos will last, and they are nice. But it seems like the RockPorts are lasting longer here in Nicaragua. But something that I wish I brought to Nicaragua...

Miracles? Oh come on Mom that is not a fair question. There are way too many to pick from. But the best are the miracles that have happened in peoples lives.

Like a really neat family in Bluefields that got baptized the week after I left. Before, he was living a reckless life and he and his wife had problems. After the first time we visited them in their house you could see the change that started. He still fell a couple times before getting baptized but in the end he and his wife are happy and have a goal to be sealed in a temple this next year with their little boy.

There are also more physical miracles, like one time praying about the weather and having it instantly change ha ha. But the best are about the people.

I love you all very much and am very grateful to be part of an eternal family,

Elder Hardy

ps I love you.

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